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Trade in Western Civilization free essay sample

Course was imperative to eastern progress. This course which was brimming with mountains experienced nations from Afghanistan to current day Iraq. This ,000 mile Silk Road moved freights of tin, which was a crucial fixing to making bronze. Another significant exchange course was the Assyrian Trade Road. This associated Anatolia to Mesopotamia. This had creation from Assyrian dealers, which was the accomplishment to this way. The Mediterranean and Black Sea was one of the most realized ocean courses. It set out from China and would experience Turkistan, Iran, and Iraq. From that point, it would go on another boat to arrive at Constantinople. This exchange course is the thing that makes Constantinople the best business community. Significant developments were found out in the Western Civilization. The economy concentrated on metal work, materials, and development. The creation of alum was found out, which was a critical color utilized for fleece. The wheel was concocted by the Sumerians and was utilized for trucks, chariots, and ceramics making. We will compose a custom exposition test on Exchange Western Civilization or on the other hand any comparable theme explicitly for you Don't WasteYour Time Recruit WRITER Just 13.90/page Iron was purified without precedent for 2500BCE. This iron permitted weapons and body assurance for the men. These were enormous manifestations for the time period. Because of this innovation, numerous people had the option to land positions, which assembled a superior monetary framework. Employments incorporate earthenware producers, stone cutters, metal smiths, ranchers, fishers, mariners, and development work. Things being sent out were in levels of popularity. Ashore, men went on camels, since they would give a smooth ride and had the option to convey substantial loads. The camels provided water for the men so they could keep going on long outings. Land gave an approach to mail and significant government papers to be traded. Additionally, Islamic merchants utilized a casual method to move cash. They kept cash into one zone. The procedure to this was if theft were charmed, the cash would not be available. This technique is as yet utilized today in the Middle East. The primary fares in Western Civilization included cleanser, orses, animals, produce (grains, apricots, and so on), materials, dried wheat, Alum, fleece, various types of metal, slaves, flavors, and silk. The Western Civilization was a period in time in which numerous new manifestations were presented. Exchange had helped the financial frameworks, and showed networks of various apparatuses and food. Exchange is as yet utilized to day in the Middle East, and most likely will proceed because of the achievement it has had from hundreds of years back. It hugy affected Western societies, and today’s society will keep on finding innovations made when exchange was dynamic.

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Social Media Essays - Mass Media, Social Media, Facebook, Internet

Online networking Essays - Mass Media, Social Media, Facebook, Internet Web-based social networking Favorable circumstances and Disadvantages 6/1/2015 Web-based social networking is by all accounts the fundamental wellspring of each american day. A basic rush to the neighborhood café can be known by numerous individuals with a fast update to Facebook. An irregular idea that may have flown into ones head can be partaken in a short 140 characters on twitter, and an image of a non military personnel or even a city official accomplishing something not all that morally right can be posted and loved with two taps of the thumb. Web based life is utilized to remain associated with the network and remain engaged with whats going on the planet today. Online life isn't simply utilized in the United States, yet everywhere throughout the world. The web take over can be utilized for a ton of good, yet can likewise be utilized for a great deal of awful. Albeit internet based life is tremendously mainstream and is a decent method to stay in contact, it likewise has a negative side. The benefits of data being handily acquired via web-based networking media are somebody who is attempting to discover somebody they lost contact with or a parent or kid that experienced reception can locate their cherished one , and employments can without much of a stretch check a people foundation to ensure they are who they state they are. A few disservices of web based life are individuals give a lot of their own data for anyone passing by to view. Predators can without much of a stretch locate their next casualty just by perusing one of the most up to date web based life destinations. The right to speak freely of discourse will be constrained in light of the fact that a business can see the things their representative likes on Facebook or who they follow on twitter and Instagram, a worker won't have the option to possibly voice each like or hate, or an assessment they may have because of their boss approaching their own life. The favorable circumstances and hindrances of internet based life is somewhat of a back-and-forth fight. The focal points are individuals can remain associated with one another from a huge number of miles away with simply the snap of a catch or a swipe of the finger. Organizations can keep their clients educated regarding the things that are new and going on in their organization. Business visionaries can promote their organizations just as entrenched organizations can. Individuals can share recollections, share recordings, and even arrangement a gathering and welcome everybody on their companions list. The burdens are that if not utilized securely, web based life can place individuals in harm's way. It tends to be utilized to defame someones name and stain their figure. A few people take cover behind their actual characters to meet individuals on the web, additionally called Catfish, and it could wind up being very perilous. The web holds a great deal of truth, however gives individ uals a wide stage to hole up behind a ton of untruths and in the event that one isn't excessively cautious, damage can come their direction. There are various ways individuals utilize web based life. Realizing that the web can be perilous won't really prevent individuals from utilizing it in a hazardous manner or overlooking evident signs. A few people will utilize the data and be wary when sharing their data via web-based networking media and others won't. At the point when guardians are educated about how internet based life functions (on the off chance that they are not utilizing it themselves) they would ideally begin observing their childrens web based life admission and what they are sharing on the web. An individual may likewise utilize the information on the favorable circumstances and hindrances of online life to investigate the impediments. Someones complete personality could be taken with only one picture and an email. All things considered, knowing the favorable circumstances and burdens of web based life can change the manner in which an individual would utilize internet based life. Not everything via web-based networking media is valid and not all things are bogus. These internet based life destinations give individuals a huge stage to be misleading and furthermore become somebody they arent. Internet based life is utilize worldwide and can permit somebody to interface with another person on the their side of the world, for nothing! However, internet based life, similar to each other innovation, has its negatives that can place somebody in hurts route in a matter of moments if an eye. References

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Security Analysis Portfolio Management Free Essays

1. Presentation Before Fama and French inquiry it, most business colleges showed their understudy CAPM is the methods for depicting the connection between anticipated return and hazard in stocks. In 1992, Fama and French hade an investigation on financial exchange choice components of contrasts between stock returns, they found the beta (affectability to the market return) of the CAPM can't clarify all the contrasts between the stock returns, and the market esteem, book esteem proportion, p/e proportion of recorded organizations can clarify the contrasts between the stock returns. We will compose a custom article test on Security Analysis Portfolio Management or on the other hand any comparative theme just for you Request Now The Capital Asset Pricing Model (CAPM) by Sharpe (1964), Lintner (1965), Black (1972), accept that stock returns only comparative with the danger of the entire securities exchange. In any case, truth be told, just estimates the hazard can't clarify all the variety in anticipate restores, the affectability to the market return is progressively convoluted. This article will show the diverse between Capital Asset Pricing Model and Fama French Model, and the best approach to investigation the stock return. 2. Examination of Value versus Growth Stock 2. 1 Value Stock Growth Stock In this article, the scientists characterize the worth stock as those stocks that have low proportions of book an incentive to showcase esteem, the development stocks as those that have low proportions of book an incentive to advertise esteem. 2. 2 Findings of Value versus Growth Stock on Investing Most financial specialists think the development stocks can bring a superior return, since they think those are acceptable organization, and the profits will be high. In any case, the analysts discover the development can bring a superior return, the worth stocks got a significant expense by the market, which cause their profits to be low. Truth be told, the development stocks have low proportions of book an incentive to showcase esteem, it make the development stocks get great return. 3. Determinants of stock return Fama and French establishing that the market chance factor and the worth development hazard factor can clarify normal return of this arrangement of huge universal stocks. The market chance factor is the arrival on a global market arrangement of stocks, and the worth development factor is the contrast between he return on a worldwide arrangement of high book-to-advertise stocks and the arrival on a universal arrangement of low book-to-showcase stocks. 4. Capital Asset Pricing Model versus Fama French Model 4. 1 CAMP and Its Importance The CAPM is based on a solitary proportion of hazard that clarifies resource returns. The CAPM assists speculators with deciding the amount they will win by considering the danger of ventures and the time estimation of cash. With higher hazard, the speculator will need a highe r pace of return for his venture. Albeit most specialist question CAMP, yet this model despite everything utilized generally in contributing. Utilize beta to figure single stock is unique, yet the financial specialists despite everything accept that, when the stocks’ arrangement of beta is little, it implies the stock change little than the instability of the market; when the stocks’ arrangement of beta is huge, it implies the stock change more than the unpredictability of the market. For the reserve administrators, this is significant, they can utilize the CAMP, and regardless of the market cost is rising or falling. At the point when the market cost is falling, they can contribute the arrangement of beta is low, and the other way around. 4. 2 Fama and French Explanation about Stock Return Compared with the CAMP, Fama and French utilize progressively muddled approach to clarify the stock return. They utilize three hazard variables to structure a progressively impeccable model. It regularly utilized by the account experts to clarify the hazard and return of value portfolios. In this model, the beta despite everything is the most significant hazard factors. The subsequent hazard factor is the size, it look at the weighted normal market estimation of stocks in the market. Little stocks have an unexpected movement in comparison to huge stocks in ever advertise. Over the long haul, the enormous stocks have low returns than little stocks. In any case, this arrival isn't free, the little stock have more hazard. The third factor is looking at the measure of significant worth stock presentation corresponding to the market. In many organizations, the worth stock tear have lower profit development rates, higher profits, and higher book-advertise esteem. Over the long haul, the worth have better yield. 4. 3 Implications of the Two Models for Investors This tow models had suggestions for financial specialists, despite the fact that the CAPM isn't accurate,but it despite everything can help individuals to get contributing thought for the market. Most importantly, the CAPM thinks the market excessively straightforward, it just thinks about the hazard, and there are in any event two extra elements of hazard, regardless of it is a residential or worldwide arrangement of stock, it is get compensated in normal returns. Furthermore, another ramifications is that, it causes the financial specialists to accept the worth stocks have better yields than development stocks in business sectors around the globe. Seeing book-to-advertise value, Fama and French found that worth stocks beat development stocks in 12 of 13 created nations from 1975 to 1995, and that the distinction between normal profits for worldwide arrangement of high and low book-to-showcase stocks was 7. 6 percent for every year. Moreover, when profit to-value, income to-cost and profit to-cost were inspected, the worth premium kept on being obvious. End Although the CAPM stills a significant intend to portray the connection between anticipated return and hazard in stocks. Be that as it may, CAPM has some genuine blemishes, particularly with the presumptions of the hazard free rate and the market rate. Speculators must consider current economic situations before choosing what numbers to utilize. Furthermore, CAPM overlooks assessments and exchange costs, lower returns on higher hazard and sufficient hazard estimation. Fama and French contemplate the stock return, this model utilize more hazard components to investigation the difference in the stock cost. Step by step instructions to refer to Security Analysis Portfolio Management, Essay models

Looking For Alaska Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Searching For Alaska - Research Paper Example In the novel, Looking for Alaska by John Green, a young lady named Alaska bafflingly passes on, and her companions must go on aâ journey to make sense of what precisely befell her. Not exclusively do the perusers tail them on their excursion, however they are likewise given an investigate the enduring of Alaska and her own journey to discover the conclusion to hers. Albeit numerous individuals endure and may think about self destruction as their answer. It is fundamental that they locate their own specific manner to end their anguish and departure the Labyrinth, and to do so they have to understand that life has such a great amount to offer, individuals are there to support them, and with difficult work the sky is the limit. Albeit numerous individuals endure and may think about self destruction as their answer, it is crucial that they locate their own specific manner to end their torment and getaway the Labyrinth, and to do, so they have to acknowledge life has such a great amount to offer, individuals are there to support them, and with difficult work the sky is the limit. John Green was conceived in 1977, in Alabama. John Green is motivated by creators like Laurie Halse Anderson and Walter Dean Myers. He started composing his composing profession while working at Booklist. In the book searching for Alaska, john green uses his local origin as the setting for the novel. John Green experienced childhood in Orlando Florida and went to Kenyon College. In 2007, John and his sibling Hank made an agreement to stop communicationâ through messaging and just convey by means of YouTube video posts. They video posted each other consistently. The two siblings named this Project fellowship 2.0 (Nicholas, 2011). The choice to utilize YouTube to impart to one another, propelled ‘nerd fighters’ an online network, who battle for intellectualism and attempt to lessen by huge the degree of suck around the world. This endeavor has gotten a huge number of dollars th rough gifts from different causes (Nerdfighters, 2012). We are completely brought into the world with expectation and want to satisfy and have a reason throughout everyday life. The finding of this reason for existing is advantageous to people. The push to discover this reason for existing is completely left to a person. Searching for Alaska is a tale about finding that reason in an individual’s life. Miles describesâ the maze sufferingâ as the more noteworthy maybe throughout everyday life and statements from Francois Rabelais (Green, p.5). In searching for Alaska, John Green uses his characters to show the quest for this reason throughout everyday life. He says, â€Å"Imagining what's to come is a sort of sentimentality. (...) You consume your entire time on earth stuck in the maze, considering how you'll get away from it one day, and how fearsome it will be, and envisioning that future props you up, however you never do it. You simply utilize the future to get away from the present.(Green 30) The distractive ways of life of the adolescents, fiddles with sex and sedates and the tricks, this is every one of the an endeavor to discover their motivation throughout everyday life. As one is attempting to discover their motivation throughout everyday life, they meet hindrances and sufferâ along the way. Howâ aâ personâ deals or sees this enduring is remarkable as it will assist how one handles with them. The paper examines the various answers that the characters in searching for Alaska give in the wake of looking through themselves. Alaska’s final words were â€Å"how do I escape this maze of suffering?† this word provoked her colleagues just as those that she told. They all attempt to discover a response to this inquiry. All through the book, this inquiry is replied. To some they believed that the main way out of the maze of enduring is through death. Miles and Alaska are out to discover the

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The Science of Nicotine and Weight Loss

The Science of Nicotine and Weight Loss Numerous individuals have wellbeing related inquiries regarding synthetic substances. One of the most well-known is whether nicotine advances weight reduction. Were not looking at smoking-which includes a mind boggling set of synthetic substances and physiological procedures yet utilizing unadulterated nicotine, which is accessible in over-the-counter items planned to assist individuals with stopping smoking. On the off chance that you look for data about the impacts of nicotine, youll discover a wide range of research on smoking, yet moderately little on the wellbeing impacts of this one explicit concoction. Nicotines Effect on the Body A Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS), such as the Sigma Aldrich MSDS for nicotine,â indicates nicotine is a normally happening isomer that is an acetylcholine receptor agonist. It is an energizer that causes the arrival of epinephrine (otherwise called adrenaline). This synapse expands pulse, circulatory strain, and breath, and furthermore creates higher blood glucose levels. One of the reactions of nicotine, particularly at higher dosages, is hunger concealment and queasiness. At the end of the day, nicotine is a medication that raises your metabolic rate while smothering your craving. It enacts the minds delight and prize focus, so a few clients may utilize nicotine to feel great rather than, for instance, eating doughnuts. These are very much archived natural impacts of nicotine, yet they dont offer a firm response in regards to whether the medication assists with weight reduction. There are a few investigations that show that smokers may shed pounds. Restricted examinations have been led with respect to weight reduction and nicotine use, partially in light of the observation that nicotine is addictive. Its intriguing to take note of that while tobacco is addictive, unadulterated nicotine really isn't. It is the monoamine oxidase inhibitor (MAOI) in tobacco that prompts enslavement, so individuals taking nicotine who are not presented to monoamine oxidase inhibitors don't really experience the ill effects of the substance. Nonetheless, clients do build up a physiological resilience to nicotine, so it may be normal that, similarly as with different energizers, weight reduction from nicotine use would be best over a present moment, losing viability with interminable use. Sources Audrain, Janet E., et al. â€Å"Relationship among Obesity and the Metabolic Effects of Smoking in Women.† Health Psychology, vol. 14, no. 2, 1995, pp. 116â€123.Cabanac, Michel, and Patrick Frankham. â€Å"Evidence That Transient Nicotine Lowers the Body Weight Set Point.† Physiology Behavior, vol. 76, no. 4-5, 2002, pp. 539â€542.Leischow, S. J. â€Å"Effects of Differing Nicotine-Replacement Doses on Weight Gain in the wake of Smoking Cessation.† Archives of Family Medicine, vol. 1, no. 2, 1992, pp. 233â€237.Neese, R. An., et al. â€Å"Metabolic Interactions between Surplus Dietary Energy Intake and Cigarette Smoking or Its Cessation.† American Journal of Physiology-Endocrinology and Metabolism, vol. 267, no. 6, 1994.Nides, Mitchell, et al. â€Å"Weight Gain as a Function of Smoking Cessation and 2-Mg Nicotine Gum Use among Middle-Aged Smokers with Mild Lung Impairment in the First 2 Years of the Lung Health Study.† Health Psychology, vol. 13, no. 4, 1994, pp. 354â€361.Perkins, K. A. â€Å"Metabolic Effects of Cigarette Smoking.† Journal of Applied Physiology, vol. 72, no. 2, 1992, pp. 401â€409. Pirie, P L, et al. â€Å"Smoking Cessation in Women Concerned about Weight.† American Journal of Public Health, vol. 82, no. 9, 1992, pp. 1238â€1243.Schwid, S R, et al. â€Å"Nicotine Effects on Body Weight: a Regulatory Perspective.† The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, vol. 55, no. 4, 1992, pp. 878â€884.Winders, Suzan E., et al. â€Å"Use of Phenylpropanolamine to Reduce Nicotine Cessation Induced Weight Gain in Rats.† Psychopharmacology, vol. 108, no. 4, 1992, pp. 501â€506.


Jaques-Dalcroze Emile Jaques-Dalcroze (July 6, 1865 †July 1, 1950), was a Swiss writer, artist and music instructor who created eurhythmics, a technique for learning and encountering music through development. Fundamental PRINCIPLES Inherent in his technique are these essential standards &endash; facts he accepted to be ubiquitous. These six standards are: †¢The start of music happens when human feelings are converted into melodic movement; †¢We experience feelings truly; Through our vibes of different solid withdrawals and discharges in our bodies, we sense feeling; †¢The body communicates inward feelings by externalizing influence through developments, stances, signals, and sounds. A portion of these are programmed, some unconstrained, and others the aftereffects of thought and will; †¢Internal feelings are converted into music through movements, for example, breathing, singing or playing an instrument; †¢The first instrument that must be prepared in music is the human body. THE JAQUES-DALCROZE METHOD Choksy (1986) characterizes Eurhythmics as follows: â€Å"Eurhythmics . . is . . . in light of the reason that cadence is the essential component of music, and that the hotspot for all beat might be found in the common rhythms of the body. † Eurhythmics coordinates three methodologies: †¢ Solfege (the investigation of hypothesis, congruity, and scales); http://www. youtube. com/watch? v=9qK6seVVBQ0 †¢ Improvisation (the improvement of a brought together inside ear and body); †¢ Rhythmics (the investigation of inward and external impacts of cadence corresponding to the over two components). Further, Jaques-Dalcroze built up a recipe for the creation of Eurhythmia:Space + Time + Energy + Weight + Balance + Plasticity = Eurhythmia? Gravity The best music happens when the entirety of the above are adjusted. The Jaques-Dalcroze technique apparently reclassifies the fundamental components of music to fit inside l ogical definitions. All things are comprised of issue. Matter is included vitality. Matter moves through space; vitality courses through space. Matter (vitality) coursing through space is called movement. Movement shows up in music as beats. Those beats discharge their vitality in different ways.The beat in this manner is reliant upon the degree of vitality applied and the thickness of the space applied. Beats have a predetermined length, or time esteem. The nature of the time is reliant upon how the beat is struck, supported and discharged. Jaques-Dalcroze found that his understudies related dynamic (vitality) changed with rhythm (time) transforms, I. e. , gentler implied more slow too. This anyway isn't the situation. One objective of the strategy is to pick up freedom of time and vitality as identified with change so understudies could for sure play a melodic choice milder without getting slower.Beats have weight. Science characterizes weight as a body's fascination in the earth (which is identified with gravity). At the point when one watches a decent conductor before a gathering, one can detect weight in his every stroke and example. Weight can likewise be seen in a line of music. A performance line would have less weight than that of an eight section theme. In like manner, the expansion of low-sounding instruments in an organization gives a more prominent feeling of weight. Note term can likewise de characteristic of weight (in appearance). Parity can be accomplished just when weight is kept in control.Balance is an imperative component of musicality. (Caldwell,1995) a definitive objective of the Jaques-Dalcroze strategy is to accomplish a harmony between all the components that contain the beat; space, vitality, pliancy, and weight. It is difficult to isolate the components, subsequently the technique centers around singular components of the beat. Jaques-Dalcroze characterizes versatility as the nature of the development between the pitches. This is th e thing that makes the presentation alive and energetic and is to a great extent capable what the crowd sees and hears.I consider pliancy that motion, articulation or picture that the entertainer passes on alongside different components of the beat. As referenced before a definitive objective of the Jaques-Dalcroze technique is act of spontaneity: the production of unique sound. As indicated by Jaques-Dalcroze technique, act of spontaneity fuses the accompanying: †¢ Use of all resources †¢ Exploration of development with our bodies; †¢ Imagination and innovativeness; †¢ Consciousness of existence around us; †¢ Flexibility and dexterity; †¢ Motor coordination; †¢ Expression through utilization of the body and sound; Careful and basic tuning in; †¢ Concentration and mindfulness; and †¢ Flexibility. The investigation of the Jaques-Dalcroze strategy requires the most extreme in consideration, fixation, memory, and capacity to replicate. It is a restrained report. The job of the instructor in this way becomes one who centers the vitality natural in understudies and moves that vitality into the creation of eurhythmia. THE CLASSROOM SETTING In my encounters it is obvious that it is hard to prepare anybody viably in the Jaques-Dalcroze strategy except if it was started at an early age.Dalcroze himself prescribed â€Å"to carry kids to craftsmanship at an age when they have not yet been intellectualized into dissecting before watching, and communicating before encountering. † (Dalcroze,1922) to put it plainly, the technique would need to be educated during the period of guiltlessness. The hypothesis would likewise must be continually fortified all through life, even in school. The technique has clear legitimacy in the primary school, since it includes development. Youngsters learn best while moving, feeling, contacting, detecting, and seeing things close within reach. The Jaques-Dalcroze technique accomplishes only th at. http://www. youtube. com/watch? v=n5DdjXZkPfg

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Arranged Marriages In Some Cultures And Places - Free Essay Example

People all over the globe engage in mate selection through one of two ways: future spouses choose their partners themselves or parents or a even larger kinship group choose whom they going to marry. The first of these is often referred to as love marriage or at times free?choice marriage. The second form, arranged marriage, is the prevalent form of marriage in about half of the worlds population. However, not all arranged marriages are ultimately the same. They range from the more traditional form where parents select partners based on factors likely to protect the interests of the family and larger society and without any input from the potential spouses, to a more contemporary form where the potential spouses have considerable influence. Forced marriage is sometimes a form of arranged marriage but should not be considered synonymous. Studies of marital quality have been inconclusive as to whether love marriages or arranged marriages result in greater marital satisfaction. Arranged Marriages In America we are not accustomed to the idea of arranged marriages in fact it is still a very taboo subject. This is simply because we are privileged with the right to be able to choose our own spouse to marry. We grow up with the idea of finding true love drilled into our head since we could remember, making the concept of being able to choose our own life partner to be nothing out of the ordinary. But what about those individuals around the world who do not grow up believing that they can choose their own spouse? It is not even an option to the, how exactly do they go through these arranged marriages and what makes them work? Or do they work? The idea of arranged marriages is very difficult and strange for western countered to understand. In western countries the idea of marrying a stranger is extremely odd and unusual. This practice is mostly common in countries like India, Pakistan, Japan, China and Israel, not practiced by everyone but it is still common. In Western countries the focus of attentions is more towards love, sex, and appearance which are normally the center of relationships. People tend to get married for such reasons and as a result get bored of one another easily in some cases. In Eastern countries they tend to look for more practicality in their partners, aspects like generosity, integrity, ambition, humility and others which will be listed shortly. One of the biggest misunderstanding most of people have about arranged marriages is the fact that most mistake an arranged marriage for a forced marriage. When you talk to the average American about what an arranged marriage is, the result is usually negative and most get a bitter taste from it, stating it to be a completely unnecessary and a horrible thing. It is typical to envision an unfortunate younger female with an older objectionable man, and the girl is forced into marriage with him and is incredibly unsatisfied and unsettled with the entire situation, but that is exactly where we mistake an arranged marriage for a forced marriage. We tend to overlook the fact that arranged marriages have to have cooperation from both of the families involved and consent from both of the individuals whom will marry (Frances Nguyen, 2013), whereas a forced marriage is where the individual is, well, forced into the marriage. In a forced marriage, the parents do not allow the future newly-weds ( in most cases underage children) to have any say in their choice of spouse. This form of arranged marriage is rare, but in some parts of the world, such as the Middle East, and parts of Africa and Asia, it does exist. If he or she refuses to marry their chosen person, they will be punished, or sometimes, even killed. In most cases, their objection is simply ignored, and the marriage takes place anyway which can cause harm to the individual being forced to marry. Although we cannot find many arranged marriages in America, there are plenty of other countries around the world that do practice it. One place where you can still find a wide portion of the population continuing the tradition and rules of arranged marriage is in India. There, arranged marriages are mostly followed through to keep families from marrying/mixing into the incorrect social class. Parents will do anything they can in their power to keep their children from marrying anybody with less money than their own family so they wont have to support the other family more than they should have to and to keep the image of the family. Originally, arranged marriages were practiced in India when the children were at a young age, sometimes even before they could reach puberty. They normally did this because, again, they did not want their children choosing someone out of their social status. Nowadays theres more it to it than before, theres now laws that make it illegal for the parents to stop the individual from marrying who they truly want to marry. Of course, this does not mean that the parents cannot threaten their child and exclude them from their will or current lifestyle if they do not do as the parents please. A lot families will consider it a shame to the entire family if the individual does not abide to the wishes of their parents and marry who they themselves choose. This mostly applies to more to the upscale families in India, the majority of the impoverished population usually does not care as much considering they do not have much money in the first place, so they do not really have much to lose. Another country that used to take part in the arranged marriage tradition was China, they practiced it pretty much the same way India did. They would present a dowry and if they were found suitable for their son or daughter then the marriage would follow. Occurring was also forced marriages as well as marriages with young children, because of all of this, arranged marriages were made illegal in China since the 1950s. Like in India, although it is now illegal parents still stay involved heavily in marital decisions meeting with other parents and making agreements between the 2 sets of parents (Helen Roxburgh, 2017). If the child gives approval to the parent to set up an arranged marriage, there will not be any counterclaim therefore there will not be any objections or problems that would cause the law to get involved. As negative and out of the ordinary as that all sounds, many people dont mind the idea of partaking in an arranged marriage. This is mainly because they feel like they can then put more focus on the commitment aspect of the relationship, opposed to the feelings part like we do here in Western countries, A relationship not bound by marriage is more easily broken for the smaller nuances in life. After marriage you tend to accept what you have rather than look for someone better as people often do while courting or dating (Indiamarks). This may prove to actually be effective if we observe the divorce rates of people with arranged marriages versus people whom choose their spouse. In India it is speculated that at least 60% of all marriages are arranged, a study done in 2012 showed that the divorce rate in arranged marriages was less than 4% whilst in the United States the divorce rate from individuals choosing their own spouse was roughly 40% (Danielle Page, 2017). However, when observing these numbers, the cultural aspect of the views on divorce should also be taken into consideration. In most Western countries choosing a significant other is mostly based on feelings and with time those feelings could change positively or negatively which can ultimately lead to divorce. In arranged marriages the couples are thrown into their relationship with the sole purpose of keeping a commitment and they view it as they have a lifetime to learn to love them (Indiamarks). With that being said, the divorce rates can have a lot to do with the cultural views of the individuals involved (feelings versus commitment), making it quite difficult to decode whether or not we can call the divorce rate comparisons accurate. However, we can ultimately come to the conclusion that there are more individuals in arranged marriages that will stick together, opposed to couples in marriages where they themselves have chosen their partner. It used to be that the soon-to-be wife would have to give the soon-to-be husbands family something called a dowry, in other words a marriage settlement. If the dowry did not satisfy then the female would remain unmarried, if the said dowry was not presented to the males family before the date that they had agreed and wanted it by, the female would then be prosecuted in some way or another, it could either be by shunning her or having her go through some sort of household accident which is a better way of saying that they would have her vanished. Dowrys are no longer fundamental, and are prohibited by law in India, although this does not stop some families from continuing the practice of it. In modern day, there are a couple of ways that couples with arranged marriages come together. It is important to state that the marriages are always organized by a third party and mostly rely on factors outside of out the ordinary for most. They do not get to take into consideration the attraction factor, or the intimacy and love factor that most relationships do. Once the individual gives the approval to having their parents arrange them a marriage, the parents will usually search based on a variety of factors, anywhere from age, money and religion, to family, and pictures of what the prospected spouse will look like. It is important for these families to choose a partner that will keep them in good social standing. In some cultures, the parents will even let the two possible spouses meet a couple of times and decide whether or not they feel they are a good match to end up married to them for the rest of their life. The couples also have a financial advantage when they accept an off er from their parents. The parents of the couples will help them build or purchase a house and give some money as capital for them to start a new life. Furthermore, the parents of the couples also help them solve some troubles can occur during their marriage such as argument, tenseness and financial problems. There are also such things as a matchmaking agent and matrimonial sites. These act as a modern spin to the choosing process. Instead of the parent picking their son or daughters future spouse, the suitor will consult the agent or the matrimonial site to find them a right match for their marriage based on the factors stated above, working in the same way for them as an online dating site would generally work for us. Therefore, arranged marriages are not always as restricting as we westerners make it out to be, they actually tend to be something that can work out much more in ones favor given the right circumstances. Conclusion For the most part arranged marriages are performed for the benefit of a person and their entire family. Parents are seeking what is best for their child and family if we agree with that or not thats how people whom practice this tradition view it and some parents will stop at nothing to give their child that desired lifestyle whether their child likes it or not. Arranged marriages are usually seen as unfavorable among many people but, for those that understand the purpose of arranged marriages their marriage turns out to go quiet pleasantly for the most part. Resulting in people actually desiring an arranged marriage for themselves even to this day. During, the Elizabethan era denying an arranged marriage was a serious matter which shows that arranged marriages were viewed as something that every family benefited from even if the person that was getting married didnt see the benefits yet. This also shows that families during the Elizabethan era were very concerned about the way peopl e viewed them in society. Today arranged marriages are important in some cultures and places like the Muslim culture in India because they are known to bring joy to a family and their child getting married. The arranged marriage is also set up for their childs best interest. Overall, love is not an important factor when a parent is arranging their childs marriage but, that doesnt mean their child wont fall in love with the person their getting married to while married. Their only hope is to be optimistic when faced with an arranged marriage.